Are you seeing this cat???

Soul Patch

He is the best boy. He's honestly probably one of the best cats out there.

Wanna hire him? Check his resume.

a short-haired cat who is all one color, except for a patch of white fur on his chin

The patch of hair grown right under the lip. Any self-respecting stylish male has one.
- Urban Dictionary defines "Soul Patch"

And you know what? Soul Patch is a stylish male and he has a lot of self-respect.

Get to know Soul Patch...

Soul Patch is a man of many interests: from sleeping on the bed, to lounging on the back of the couch, to sleeping under the bed.

He's been known to walk nervously towards the kitchen at the sound of a can opening. He might tiptoe towards the litter box if he thinks he won't be seen and there are no guests.

... the best boy.

While Soul Patch gets nervous around strangers, loud noises, and fast movements, he is quite affectionate towards those he loves. The best part of Soul Patch is his snugs, when he cuddles up next to one of his humans on the couch or in bed.

Soul Patch may also be a fierce hunter. Or at least that's what his family believes about him, because we have heard the chattering sounds he makes when watching birds fly by outside the window. He is the most terrifying boy who's terrified of everything.