Soul Patch

Generalist Cat

Work Experience

  • The Lottman Residence, Guardian of the Bathroom


    Responsible for alerting household residents that the bathroom faucet is not running, and sounding loud alarms to ensure the problem is addressed immediately. Provided taste-testing services for the water from the bathroom faucet, or the rim of the faucet itself if no one has responded to the no-running-water alarm in a while.

  • The Lottman Residence, Tuna Taste Tester


    Ready at the first twist of a can opener, Soul Patch has bravely guarded the household from tuna that might be poisonous. While no poison tuna has been identified yet, you can never be too cautious.

  • Consultant at Large, Napping


    Studiously reported for duty for naps in several prime locations each day, including the couch, the bed, the desk, the top of the furnace vent, the back of the couch, and more. Lead workshops on gentle snoring for the edification of the entire household. Will not nap on the kitchen counters, because that's illegal, and Soul Patch is Good Boy.

Technical Skills

  • Napping
  • Detecting the sound of a can opener from any point in the house
  • Tolerating being used as a pillow

Also Doing Business As

  • Brave Boy
  • Buddy


  • The Great Outdoors, Sacramento, CA


    Major: Suburban Foraging

  • Indoor Apprenticeship, Sacramento, CA


    Received hands-on instruction from the Beeman brothers on the life indoors


  • Fight Club

    Ad-hoc, ongoing engagement with Tally

  • Moved to Nebraska

    2016, via cross-country drive.

    No one had fun.


  • Just open a can, he'll hear you